Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Fastest Cheetah

This report is about one of the most fastest animal in the world, a Cheetah! This will talk about a Cheetah's life cycle, how they take care of them self's, their habitat and more.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Maori Land Past & Present

This was made to represent Maori land in the past and in the present. This was in a google drawing, made by myself and Faye.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The Lion And The Cheetah

In South Africa, there were two greedy animals. This was back in 1940, when people were hunting for food.

There was one lion and a cheetah. They both were alone. The lion didn't even know that the cheetah was alive! Four days passed, lion was looking for water and went hunting. He heard something in the bushes, he cleared the bushes away. Behind the bushes was cheetah admiring all his meat and water. He basically had everything that he could ask for. (Plus more)

Lion was starving, he could do anything to get some food. So he leaned towards cheetah and asked politely if he could have some. Cheetah was cruel and selfish, for he did not care about him. Cheetah turned back at him and said, ''NO!! Don't you have food of you're own" Lion was melancholy, and slowly pondered back into his cave.

Back at his cave he made a plan, once cheetah had finished his meal he would be sluggish. So he would take a nice sleep. Lion snook up to him and started eating all cheetah's food. He kept on eating and eating until he got full.

Apparently, cheetah got captured and was sent to a facility in North Carolina. He was apart of testing time travel, and he saw lion again...

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Poem- Ice Cream

Ice cream is delicious and very, very yummy
Sometimes I eat so much and get an upset tummy.
It comes in different flavours and different colours too,
My favourite is chocolate and I might be the same as you.

Even though it can be very cold,
With me around it will always be sold.
Ice cream will always be the best,
always better then all the rest.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What I Want To Do When I Grow Up

(Introduction) When I grow up I want to help the homeless. This is because last night I found out that over 100 citizens from New Zealand are homeless. Even though that might not happen, I will try my best to.

(Problem) Even though this might feel amazing, there's a problem to everything I believe. I'm just a kid and I don't know how to help them, I say if you're dreams aren't scaring you, you're not dreaming big enough. On the news, that's where I heard about this, I screamed, "That's terrible"! I hate seeing people with no food, nor homes. Then what we do is waste food, and throw it away. I believe though we have to stay strong. If the government will not help, I will try my best to.

Other than that, I do not have money so how will I help them. I know that the government is busy almost 24\7 but still. Who ever the government is they need to work on it, and not just the government but everybody. I hope by the end of this year, all homeless people will receive homes.

(Solution) Even though I might be a bit stuck, on how to help the homeless I will try. I will start by giving some food to them, I might not have enough but at least I will make progress. I will try my best to take care of them, even if nobody will. It will be my achievement, my goal. I'll take baby steps, slowly working my way to the top. I  hope that Australia will help us, since we helped them. Maybe they will, or maybe they won't.

Sometimes I can't even believe that citizens from New Zealand are homeless! To be honest it's one of the most ridiculous, information I've ever heard. So ridiculous I didn't believe it! Until the news reporter convinced me, by showing me the people. It doesn't make me feel happy at all, well to be honest. We need to help the homeless and take care of them, I try to make other people happy, then myself.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Maui And The Stars

  • (Introduction)In a land where little seeked more, there was a boy called Maui. He lived with his Mother and father. Maui’s father was the chief, they were struggling to find food, nor did they have enough water. Maui decided, that it was enough and he will find more food.

  • (Problem) There village kept on struggling, Maui could not believe how his village could live like this. If only there were something that they can exchange for food. Maui’s father wanted to talk to him, his father looked ill, sick and more. Maui’s father lay down there on the bed with Maui holding his hand. “Come closer, listen to me” said father. “You will become chief, help this village as how I failed” said Maui’s father. “I will” said Maui. Before his father closed his eyes, he gave Maui his cloak.

  • (Solution)One night Maui went fishing, he did not catch any fish, or enough fish for the village. Maui thought that he failed his father, he promised him but he could not give up. He looked up at the stars, he did not think much at first. Until he saw it led somewhere. He noticed because all the stars were all in a straight line. As you know stars do not do that all! Maui was keen to know where it was going, so he started his journey. He took one of the kanoes and sailed across the sea. He followed the stars and had to deal with extreme weather and starvation. When several nights passed, the trail of the stars had stopped it was a cave. The cave was quite dim and dark. In the cave was two big red diamonds. There was a statue that was holding the diamond, it was a lady, she looked like she was from Egypt. On one of the fingertips it was a warning, which the writing said, one is worthy, only one can hold these diamonds. Maui did not think much as he normally does not. He picked up  the two diamonds and the cave rumbled, Maui quickly ran out of the cave and sailed back home. 

  • (Conclusion)He told his mother where he has been. Maui showed his mother the two diamonds. The mother took it to the jewelry store next door for exchange for over 1 million dollars. Maui and the mother found out the two diamonds were super rare. There was only one that somebody has ever seen so they got 1 million dollars per diamond. They had more than enough money to pay for the whole village, they now had something to eat and drink. They lived in peace at last with a smile on their face! 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Hip Hop With Jess

Today, room 10, Miss Misela and I went to the multipurpose room. We went there because we had Kiwi Sport with Jess. She said we had her for 6 weeks starting from today. First we had to sit down on the floor, she talked about what we are going to do. She said we have to do a warm up first, at first I felt no pain, then it started coming slowly. Most of the warm ups were something to do with you're arms. After the warm up we played a game of musical statues. I was the third to last standing. The other two were Agueer and Alamoni. They won the game. Then we started dancing and it was so much fun.