Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A Look Back In Time...

Yesterday, room 9 and room 10 went to the museum. We went by bus, and off we were to the museum! We were only going to look at the ANZAC display. This is what I saw.  We had to walk up the stairs and we walked past so many names. The teachers were asking us questions about the names. All these names were the names of the soldiers who fought in the war. I didn't think that there would be so many  soldiers, but  when I saw those walls, it was amazing!  We also walked past a wedding dress from 1914, which smelt really weird. I have a really strong sense of smell so I could smell that when we came in. Beside the wedding dress there was this Egyptian gold plate. It was a gift from someone. It had all these swirly patterns on it, I have a feeling it was saying something but in their language. When some of the teachers were speaking I could hear an Eco. Well it makes sense it was a huge, GIGANTIC room! You should come to the museum to it's really fun!

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Sun Sonata

Yesterday, my reading group and I read a poem called Sun Sonata.  The poem was talking about the sun and the shadow. We had to memorise our poem so we could recite it to the class.

Sun Sonata

The sun shone a tree over my yard today,
Stretched it's long black arms
 Around my garden and into my house
Where thin dark fingers
Played a small masterpiece
on my arm.

Elizabeth Pulford

( Adverb Poem) Soldiers

Bravely fighting for the war,
Bravely fighting to the core,
Image result for soldiers
Bravely fighting and risking their lives,
Bravely finishing and slowly dies,

Bravely wearing our poppy for our saviours,
Bravely saved us from the dangers

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Harry's War Poem

H: Harry's luck turned around.
A: A chance in a life time and everything changed.
R: Rough and tough.
R: Running for my life.
Y: Yelling and cheering, the war is over.

W: War should never start again.
A: A sacrifice made for Harry's people.
R: Right there fighting beside you.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

How To Get To A New Destination

Start At The X

Step 1,
You have to be facing the yellow house.

Step 2,
Take 9 steps froward.

Step 3,
Turn left and take 20 steps.

Step 4,
On you're diagonal right take 22 steps.
(You should be near a hoop)

Step 5,
 Take ten steps but go as straight as you can.

Now you're at you're destination.

I learned that when you make you're instructions you have to be specific. Some people learned that the hard way. Like if you write diagonal, explain which diagonal. Also make sure you know you're left and right.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

How To Write A Blog Post...

Kia Ora, and I will be telling you how to write a blog post.

First, you need to log in, so you can go to blogger. Next you will see an orange button, it will say new post, so you can click on  it. It will take you to a different background. There would be the word Post, in orange writing. Next to it will be a bar, where you can type. That's where you put your title. Your title has to be in capital letters. Also your title is normally something about what you are going to write about.

Next, in the text below there would be a huge gap full of white. There you can write you're text and you can also place in a picture. Next to where you typed there would be Labels. Click on that link then write something related to your blog post. Then when you're done click done and you can post it. Click publish.

Tip: Do not post two posts in one day, schedule it, next to the time.

How To Get To My Favourite Place...

Kia Ora, today I will be  giving you instructions to get to my favourite place. It will be from my school to my favourite place.

Step 1,
Go to the front of the school, turn left and go straight. There will be two roads , for that turn right. Go straight and turn right. You will see a round about and KFC. Turn where KFC is and go straight.

Step 2,
Go straight and turn on your first right.

Step 3,
Then go straight and  turn into Paddington  Street.

Step 4,
Go to the first Pohutikawa tree that you see with a wooden fence.

Conclusion, you're there!