Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Investigation To Find Who Froze Farrell Flint

When you read this report you will know what I think about this narrative called, 'Who Froze Farrell Flint'. It's a very interesting and exciting book. I would suggest you read it for yourself.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Mati Mati Game

This game is quite easy, and you can keep on practising, and see how good you can get. This all you need, and how to play.
Equipment- Sticks, you get the same amount of sticks that have the same amount of people.
Directions- You place the tall stick on the ground but do not plant and stick it in. Get in a circle and place the stick up so that it’s standing up.  When you’re standing, hold the stick, somebody will shout  directions, or commands, the commands are Maui and Matou. Maui is left and Matou is right.  If the commander says Maui then you and you’re group run to the stick on their left, ,if they say matou then you go to your stick on your right,  that’s the same as everybody else. Whoever drops the stick is out.

Matariki Report

This is a report about Matariki, beliefs and more.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Fastest Cheetah

This report is about one of the most fastest animal in the world, a Cheetah! This will talk about a Cheetah's life cycle, how they take care of them self's, their habitat and more.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Maori Land Past & Present

This was made to represent Maori land in the past and in the present. This was in a google drawing, made by myself and Faye.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The Lion And The Cheetah

In South Africa, there were two greedy animals. This was back in 1940, when people were hunting for food.

There was one lion and a cheetah. They both were alone. The lion didn't even know that the cheetah was alive! Four days passed, lion was looking for water and went hunting. He heard something in the bushes, he cleared the bushes away. Behind the bushes was cheetah admiring all his meat and water. He basically had everything that he could ask for. (Plus more)

Lion was starving, he could do anything to get some food. So he leaned towards cheetah and asked politely if he could have some. Cheetah was cruel and selfish, for he did not care about him. Cheetah turned back at him and said, ''NO!! Don't you have food of you're own" Lion was melancholy, and slowly pondered back into his cave.

Back at his cave he made a plan, once cheetah had finished his meal he would be sluggish. So he would take a nice sleep. Lion snook up to him and started eating all cheetah's food. He kept on eating and eating until he got full.

Apparently, cheetah got captured and was sent to a facility in North Carolina. He was apart of testing time travel, and he saw lion again...