Sunday, 18 March 2018

Swimming Reflection

For the past few weeks room 10 ad other classes have been swimming.

For the past weeks I have improved on how long I can swim. Last year I could not swim to the other side of the pool, which was 15 metres. This year I could swim to the end and also kick off the wall as well. The only thing is that I did not make it far and that's alright. I have also improve in back stroke, by also using my arms.

I really hope we can swim again!!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

River Talks, Recount

Yesterday, room 10 and 12 walked down to Point England Reserve. There took place an event which was river talks. We first had to have our lunch next to the library. The only thing is that room 10 and I had our lunch in class but we weren't supposed to. We came into the library and room 12 was eating their lunch. We were supposed to, but like I said we didn't.

Right after that we had to line up, into two even lines. Then the adventure began, besides the students and prefects we also walked with the teachers as well. The way that we went was a shortcut to get there faster. Mrs. Golder, said to stay of the grass so we did.

We finally arrived and it started with a man, he was chanting  in Maori and also talking about his life back in the day. He was in the river, our purpose was to clean the river so the marine animals would live. Also so we could swim and fish. There were stations and we would move on one by one. There was  dancing, singing, drumming and more. It last ended with the two schools singing a song. Our song that we sang was Ehara.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What I Want To Know About, And What I Know About The Commonwealth Games

What I want to know about the games is how long does it take for the staff, or someone to set it up? To me by the looks of it, it will take for ages! Also do you have any special people that come there? Why do you celebrate it? You know how it's called the Commonwealth Games, why did you pick that name? Also how many people come to your event, 3,000, 5,000 how many?


Image result for commonwealth gamesThe common wealth games take place in Australia, Gold Coast. This is a special event when you can do different activities. Such as soccer, touch, rugby and many more. Different countries around the world also participate as well. I have never been to the Common Wealth Games but if I go I hope I enjoy it!

Monday, 12 March 2018

Black Ferns Get Paid!

For all the hard work and dedication the black ferns get paid for their work. They get paid 2,000 dollars a week. Normally the Black Ferns never get paid. Even when they win the world cup!! Either way they finally get paid. I'm really proud of them and the All Blacks. They proved that ladies are strong and they can make it as well. They have won 5 world cups which is amazing and outstanding!!!

WWII Ship Found After 76 Years!

The ship wreck of an American aircraft was found off the coast of Australia. This was found 3 kilometres beneath the Coral Sea. The ship will not to
 be taken because the navy said it will be considered as a war grave. The ship was lost in the battle of the Coral Sea, fought with Japan from 4-8 May 1942. The navy said that 216 crew members had died after the ship was attacked. More than 2,000 were rescued. 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Jacinda Ardern Helps Pacific Islanders!

Jacinda, our prime minister, has been welcomed to go to the Pacific Islands. Including Samoa, she's helping to recover that country from last months cyclone. She's visiting the Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and Samoa. She was welcome to come over to these Pacific Islands.

Foreign Minister, Winston Peter's has also joined her for the ride.

She is helping Samoa and Tonga recover from the cyclone. They have really struggled, and they have to regrow their plants, crops, vegetables, fruit and more. Jacinda has gave 3 million dollars to Samoa for funding. This year they have tried to focus on recovery and to do it quickly. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Waitangi Poem



W- We are one people
A- At  the time the treaty was signed in 1840.
I- In the beginning there was no peace.
T- The treaty was signed between Pakeha and Maori.
A-  A treaty is an agreement between two or more parties.
N- No WAR!
G- Get together and be considerate.
Related imageI- It's the people that are special.