Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kiwi Sport Basketball

On every Thursday, Room 9 and also other classes got to do Kiwi Sport Basketball. We learned how to do chest passes and how to pass the ball properly to each other, we would learn how to defend somebody from getting the ball. My favorite part was playing the actual game of basketball, we had to try shoot the ball in the hoop and try to defend it at the same time, that was really hard to do at the same time. We had to split up in teams and practice. I think it was really hard to do because we had to learn all these skills before we play the  actual game of basketball.

Friday, 23 September 2016

The Fantastic Skipping Display!!!

The skipping display was really really challenging, especially because we were versing people that was bigger than us. You can only  come 1st second and third, but I came none of those but as long as I tried my best. My Friend Fakaola came 2nd in the skipping display and it was amazing. The person that came 3rd was Sione and lastly the senior champion was Sofie Isabella.  I think my friend Fakaola  was really amazing.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Speeding Cross Country

For Cross country there was people from the seanors from Ruapotaka School that came first second and third. For the year fours that came first Limiteti, out of the year fives Fakaola and Tristan. We all tried our best and came places. Different people came first also second and third. I loved cross country it is sort of like a test to see who can run the longest. We always have to try our best and go for a long time. Parents watched to,a lot of parents watched. We had to run around the school and back near room one. It was really tiring, I mean a lot.