Monday, 31 July 2017

Procedural Writing

Kia Ora, and welcome to my procedural on how to write a procedural.

First you need to start with one step at a time. You need to be specific and say interesting words in your procedural. Before all of that though you, have to start with a greeting like how I started at the beginning. Then write what you are going to do your procedural about. Remember be specific about what you say in your sentences.

Secondly write about your subject or what your procedural is going to be about. Make sure if you have one idea then one paragraph, if you have another idea then another new paragraph. Also make sure that you don’t just write one sentence. Like I said before add some specific words and also add detail.

Thirdly or  lastly  write a conclusion, write  what was at the beginning but not to much. Also write what you think it’s good for, or something maybe in common. Then you are done. Thank you for reading my procedural.

St Kent's Day and Musika's Birthday

In term two, or last term a group of students and   some teachers had the opportunity to go to St Kent's college by bus. That particular day I came to school late. Luckily by the time I arrived at school that's when another teacher Mr. Meyer came in or arrived as well. Mr. Meyer was so kind and decided to drop me off, and he could come to as well to just watch. When we arrived we were quite lost, because we didn't know where to go, or where the rest of the group of the students were. We finally found them at the end,and everyone was split up into three or four groups. I asked my teacher which group I was in, and she put me in a group. We moved about two or three times, then at the end we sang happy birthday to Musika, because that day it was his 10th birthday.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Describing My Flag

Kia Ora and today I am going to describe my flag that I have created in google draw. The colors that I chose were yellow, white, blue and red. I chose these specific colors because I added different colors from different kind of flags. The blue is from the New Zealand flag because most of the New Zealand flag is blue. I chose red because it represents the blood of Jesus, and I am a Christian. Lastly I added yellow and white to make it pop and stand out.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Skip Off Champion

Kia Orana and today I will be talking about the skip off and the display. Last term we had the skipping display. Rooms 9,10 and 12 had to create a presentation to do with skipping. One thing that we did was double dutch as you can see here. We did tricks and we had to practice a lot. On that day we only watched the junior skip off, but sadly we could not do the senior skip off because it was raining. So we had to come back inside. Luckily the next day the first thing in the morning we did  is the skip off, and guess who won? My friend Limiteti, she is the champion. Also she did not come third, not second but first. I came fourth but  at least I tried my best that morning. Then lastly Limiteti our skip off winner got to get her photo taken to go on the wall near the office. It was the best skipping day ever!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Holidays

Kia Ora, and today I am writing a recount about my term two holidays. I will be focusing on past tense while I am writing. I will explain what I did in my holiday.

One thing or activity that I did was go on my tablet and play some games. Some  of the games that I played was Temple run, don’t tap the white tiles and cookie jam. I also watched some videos as well and just listened to some music. It was very relaxing and fun to just sit down, and play games and watch videos.

Another activity that I did was watching movies on Netflix. One movie that I watched was Jack And The Giant Slayer. The movie was about a boy named Jack, and a princess named Isabell or Isabella. They met each other when they were in a bar or some sort and Jack defended her. Men and people were pushing her over and to Jack that was not very nice.

In conclusion, now you know about my holiday and what I did in the holiday.

Friday, 14 July 2017


Today I am going to interview my brother Pupuke. My brother enjoys swimming, he also likes to go biking on his bike. Another thing is to skip and keep on skipping  and bird watching. Also climb trees because the wind and the breeze he says.

My Flag

                                         This is my flag that I made on google draw.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Three Facts About New Zealand

One fact that I learnt about New Zealand is that New Zealand has four million people living in NZ  right now.

Another fact that I learnt was that we have a lot of sheep, we have more sheep than people in New Zealand.

Lastly, or the last fact that I learnt was that NZ exports a whole load of milk from the cows.

What I've learnt

Image result for Samoa tonga In term 2 I've learned lots about Tonga and Samoa culture. We also have created a presentation that we made with our posters and our tapas that we made back in term two. That was a very long process, because first we had to sort the pieces of paper and other decorations.