Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Holidays

Kia Ora, and today I am writing a recount about my term two holidays. I will be focusing on past tense while I am writing. I will explain what I did in my holiday.

One thing or activity that I did was go on my tablet and play some games. Some  of the games that I played was Temple run, don’t tap the white tiles and cookie jam. I also watched some videos as well and just listened to some music. It was very relaxing and fun to just sit down, and play games and watch videos.

Another activity that I did was watching movies on Netflix. One movie that I watched was Jack And The Giant Slayer. The movie was about a boy named Jack, and a princess named Isabell or Isabella. They met each other when they were in a bar or some sort and Jack defended her. Men and people were pushing her over and to Jack that was not very nice.

In conclusion, now you know about my holiday and what I did in the holiday.

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