Monday, 18 December 2017

Why I Would Enjoy A 1950s Meal

I think the three vegetables and meat rule is AMAZING! I like it because it's a source of protein and all your vitamins are from the vegetables. I would enjoy a 1950s meal because, first of all I love meat and also because I love broccoli.

Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients: Egg Yolks, 2 tablespoons of Sugar, 3\4 cup of heavy cream, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Image result for recipe for chocolate mousseIn a medium saucepan, whisk together egg yolks, 2 tablespoons sugar, and 3/4 cup heavy cream. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring, until mixture coats back of spoon, 3 to 4 minutes (do not boil). Remove from heat; whisk in melted chocolate and vanilla. Strain into a bowl chill until cool.

Comparison, Then Now

Image result for clothing now and then
I really prefer the two dresses that are on the left hand corner, because I like how the color pops so much.  I sort of have the same dress as that red one but a bit different. 

VE Party Plan

If I was planning a VE party, this would be my idea.

I would send an invitation to all my friends and my family, on that invitation I would put a dress code. The dress code would be anything hip hop themed. Then in our back yard we will have a dance off and we will see who is the best dancer. Who ever dances the best they get to win a trophy , and it might become a tradition every-time we have ended a war.( Hopefully we don't have to do again)

Loud Big BANG!!

One day I am walking along the deck of the ship when I hear a loud bang. I start to run as I see smoke coming from the far end of the ship. I run towards the room where my patients are waiting to receive treatment from the doctor. Just as I arrive at the door to their room I hear another loud bang and I run as fast as I can right out. The bang continues two more times and I gaze back inside the room with all the patients. I check every single patient and at least one quarter of the patients are unconscious, but the rest are completely fine. The doctor was laying down on the floor and he won't move a muscle. Instead he just lays there. Right next to him is a huge hole in the  ship. Some water starts breaking through. As soon as I saw water leaking through I helped all the patients to safety and the doctor. I warned all the crew members to get of the ship. Most of the people on the ship went on a speed boat to go to the nearest island. Some stayed to help get everything that we needed, like food supplies and more. We had to hurry, and move quickly, luckily we got to the island with the extra boat we always keep for emergencies. The boat got washed away with a huge wave and we were all saved. The doctor had just finished recovering over coma for two days, and the patients are feeling all better. So we all lived happily after!! 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sergeant James Allen Ward

Sergeant James Allen Ward, was the first airman to receive the VC. He dared to be out there, I'm pretty sure he knew that he was going to get wounded, but he still was very braved and saved his life. If you don't know what happened then let me explain when his Vickers Wellington bomber was set alight by an enemy fighter plane, Ward climbed out onto the burning wing  and smothered the fire. He could barely walk, then two months later he was killed.

The Year 1942,

In the year 1942, in WWII it explains how much were   killed in action, 209 died of wounds, 1699 wounded, 2042 prisoners of war. We sure lost a whole lot of lives in 1942, but we will always remember them and commemorate those who fought for our country, New Zealand.

A Journey Back In Time

If I went back all the way to 1930, I would definitely bring some cheesecake. I would also like to bring some fizzy drinks as well. I would basically bring ever single yum food that pops up in my head. I obviously have to bring prawns dipped in yum yum sauce, I'm pretty sure they will be all confused and interested where I got all of it.

Fundraising For Families In Need

#1, In my family we have a lot of clothing, so instead of me giving them money to buy it, I can give it to them. That way were also saving money and their getting some clothes.

#2, Once in a while my mum will cook something for us. Trust me she is amazing at cooking, once she cooks by the time where finished there will always be left overs. We could easily heat it up and bring it over. Whenever those in the farm need it.

#3, If they need anything they can just call us. If they need money we got it. We would do anything for people who need money, well my family and I.

Tips To Relieve Your Stress

#1, Sometimes if I'm very stressed I will listen to my favorite song. You should try it sometime it might help. Then your two busy dancing to your favorite song and distressing.

#2, If  I'm just very angry then I inhale and exhale 5 times. I inhale for 10 to 15 seconds and exhale for 8 to 10 seconds.

It's Good To Be Home

Fighting for my country trying to end the war,
trying my best to be strong like Thor.
I'm back with my kid and my whole family too,
but most of all I missed you!!
It's good to be HOME!

Rate out of Five Stars

I would give this self portrait a four star. I would give it a four star because I think the thing that stands out the most is the quality in her self portrait. I love the way she drew her eyes and I like the car very much.

Why I Would Enjoy A 1920's Movie ( Review)

I really enjoyed watching the Gold Rush trailer! I think it's very funny. I really wish I could have seen this movie trailer earlier. I love it!!!

In Flanders Fields

Related image

The poem that I just finish reading, to me is so emotional. When I think of this poem it's like I can see faces all over the place. I see angry faces and very scared faces as well, I can also see their parent and their look in their  eyes. It's 

Why I't's Not Fair...

Kia Ora to you all, today I will convince why it's not fair. I have two reasons for you to read!

1. We all should have a chance to vote, if were men or women because who has the right to put that against those who want to.

2. Even if  people say No!, us women will still fight, we will never give up!!

Paris Cathedral

Image result for Notre Dame

This Cathedral is named The Notre Dame.
 It was built in 1663.
It almost took 200 years to build.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Why I wouldn't be in a Waka Ama Race

Image result for waka amaMy first reason is because l don't think I am strong enough to last that long just paddling in the water. I'm also pretty sure when the race is finished I will have noodle arms that will just flop, even when we win.

Dear Alicia....

Dear Alicia, we have just started our voyage on our Waka. I feel quite scared, I don't know what to expect!! Anyways how are you, me I'm actually quite great. We are a quarter way there. I wonder if there's any dogs or any cats? Well let's find out!!!!
Image result for new zealand

Safe travels, from your good friend Kotipi.

Maui the Demi God

1. Maui's brothers were always jealous of Maui, so they didn't let him come fishing.
2. The brothers have always taken Maui for granted and taken him like a joke.
3.Maui is the most darest brother of them all.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Reading So FAR!

Malo E Lei everyone, and today I a writing about my stories so far. These are a couple of my stories that I have read so far. I have one quick question for you, if you have read one of these stories then comment in the section below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Gemma Finds A Kiwi, is a story of a dog, and her name is Gemma. Gemma is a golden Labrador. She works for the Kiwi Programme or something like that.  One Bad Banana is a narrative the  story is about when you have a really bruised banana, in a fruit bowl and you can bruise all the ripe ones.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Farewell Mr. Leon

Today was the last day for orienteering, in the morning my friends Maddy and Kate  made a box control. We had so much fun, well maybe we can see Mr. Leon next year. Today we got timed by my teacher Miss Riley and we had to do two maps or two courses. My best time was 28 minutes and 16 seconds it was really hard.  

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Michael The Super Wrestler!!

Yesterday at my school Michael, an illustrator came into our school, and showed some of his art work. He loves illustrating comic books but he also illustrates journals, these are journals that he published. Michael is a very cool guy, he's a wrestler, professional game player, illustrator and that's probably it.  One of my favorite things about him is that he published his first book at six years old, when he was very young.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

How To Do A Bicep Dip

Hi and welcome to my procedural writing on how to do a bicep dip.

The first thing you need is a bench to do it. You should never ever use a chair because you might get hurt. So make good choices and take care.

The next step is to put both of your hands on the middle of the bench, but don’t sit on the bench. You just want to hang over it, then just place your feet on the ground. The last step is to use your muscles and go up and down using your arms. Make sure that you keep your legs straight and keep your feet on the ground.

Then you are done. Doing a bicep dip to me is to stretch your muscles and build them up. If you want you can repeat again and again.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Facts About Reading!


Learning information and you can retell also it helps you.
The emotion when you are reading, the thought that you have escaped.

Talofa Lava, and welcome to my report about reading. I will be telling you information about knowledge when you read, what types of books you can read, what you learn when you read and your change thought of mind.

When you read you contain knowledge to go into your brain and stay there. You use that knowledge to go and teach anyone that you know. There are three ways to earn knowledge, and that is from someone, books and from the internet. Most people get knowledge from the internet and that is totally fine.

There are many types of books you can read. One of the most famous books that I know are by J.K Rowling and her harry potter books. You can also read books by Percy Jackson and other fancy books. You can even make a collection of your favorite books if you want to as well.

When you are reading you learn information, to help you in your life. You can also retell, so when you get to school you already know how to do it. Then you’ll be like two levels higher than everybody else. So remember to read so you can learn, learn to read and read to learn most importantly.

Remember to read everyday to develop your skills and learning.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Duffy Reading!

Malo E Lei, and today I will be talking about Duffy reading. Duffy reading is really important. You have to read every day, with your parents if your a child.  At Ruapotaka School, we are very lucky to get Duffy books at no cost. Our  sponsor is Terry Jarvis, but he is retired but still continued to do his job. Sometimes the Government gives some books, like the fruit. You have to read everyday so when you grow up you can read to your children.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Zoo Trip!

Last Friday, rooms 7,9 and ten had the opportunity to go to the zoo by bus. There were two buses that the rooms could go in. Year 4's and 3's went in one bus and the year 5's and 6's in the other bus. When we arrived we had a quick morning tea break, I had some cheesy chips. Then we drank our milk and went to go see the giraffe's. Our first lesson was with James, or Jake. He taught us that when a giraffes tail is down then that means it is calm. It was amazing! You should come by the zoo some time to see all the animals. My favorite animal when I was at the zoo was Burma the Elephant. There was a new elephant there called Anajaleen.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Amazing Tamaki College Students!

Kia Orana, We had visitors at our school from Tamaki College. They use to come to Ruapotaka School like how I am. They came to our school on Monday,this week Monday to talk about why you have to read. The two Tamaki College students names were Sharon and Lutumi. I learn't from Sharon and Lutumi that when you read you can escape from the reality world. Sharon and Lutumi are awesome!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Who Am I?

Kia Ora everyone, today I have another quiz for you to answer. When you have your answer or your guess comment in the section below. I'll give you a clue it's one of the biggest fish I have ever seen and the first word is humphead. Who Am I

Monday, 14 August 2017

How To Write A Procedural

Kia Ora everyone today, I have a procedural to present to you. It is about how to write a procedural. I wrote this in term two or one. I hope you enjoy it.

Kia Ora, and welcome to my procedural on how to write a procedural.

First you need to start with one step at a time. You need to be specific and say interesting words in your procedural. Before all of that though you, have to start with a greeting like how I started at the beginning. Then write what you are going to do your procedural about. Remember be specific about what you say in your sentences.

Secondly write about your subject or what your procedural is going to be about. Make sure if you have one idea then one paragraph, if you have another idea then another new paragraph. Also make sure that you don’t just write one sentence. Like I said before add some specific words and also add detail.

Thirdly or  lastly  write a conclusion, write  what was at the beginning but not to much. Also write what you think it’s good for, or something maybe in common. Then you are done. Thank you for reading my procedural.

2nd Place Winter Learning Journey!

In the holidays I registered for the winter learning journey. I did only some activities for the winter learning journey. When the holidays were over Rachel Williams came to Ruapotaka School to present the winners which are 1st, 2nd and third place. I came second place, my big brother Pupuke came first and my friend Riiana came third. People that also participated got a special certificate. The people that got those certificates were Dakbai and Robati. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place got special prizes. I got some chocolate's a rugby ball, mug and that's probably it. 1st place got so much sweets, throw over, beanie and many other things. 2nd place got nut chocolate, Milo a mug and a rugby ball. 3rd place got the same as me but not the rugby ball. Doing the winter learning journey was fun!!

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Time I Became An Author!

Last week on a Friday, Wednesday or Thursday room nine went to the library because my teacher Miss Riley had some release time for herself. We had to take our library book to the library book to change it or return it. Once we had got our library books we went to room four. Everyone else was there, but I was one of the last people to get out of the library. When I arrived my class and room ten were just playing games so I joined in as well. Mrs. Vickers my principal, soon told us to pack up the games and sit nicely on the mat. Mrs. Vickers said for me to stand up because I was going to be an author! Mrs. Vickers said that there is a permission slip that my parents need to sign. My piece of writing was about my holidays at the beginning of this year. This is it right here.

Hi and welcome to my recount about my holiday. I will be telling you one thing that made me smile, two things that I felt and lastly what I smelt. I am going to talk about the first week of the holidays on Sunday. Also where I went.

So firstly my uncle and my auntie said that we had to get up and get ready. They said that because we were going to a restaurant, a chinese restaurant. So when we were ready we went by transport which was a car. When we arrived we found a table and ordered what we wanted. I chose a kid lunch special. We went to a restaurant called Daikoku. We had to wait for our food but it was worth it.

Once the waiter was done with our food we ate and ate and ate. For the first course we got  delicious soup and some rice while we were waiting ,for dessert we had delicious ice cream. We also had prawns that were in yum yum sauce, it was yummy. That’s what made me smile, the food that we ate. When I saw what we were going to have my mouth was already watering. Luckily we ate because my stomach was growling.

What I smelt was mostly food because we were at a restaurant, so that was the main thing that  I smelt when I was there. I also smelt the burning fire and smoke when I first walked in. At first I blocked my nose but then I got use to it, so I stopped.

The two things that I felt was the heat of the fire lightly go on my cheek, and also the warmness on my whole face and hands. I also felt just a little bit hot because I had my jacket on so yeah. The second thing that I felt was the texture of the food and how soft it was. Also, when it was in my mouth I could taste and feel the hotness and the warmness. It was really hot sort of!

My conclusion - At the end of the day we just relaxed and watched t.v., also we had a very sore stomach, the next day. So we had a good day but then we all had a sore stomach so then it ended. From Kotipi

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Performing A Play!

Yesterday boa, Limiteti and I  were practicing a play for us to present to the whole class. The play was called not so fast. The characters were first commentator, second commentator, coach, Sam and Terry. The story was about two competitors that were competing in the weird wonderful Olympics. There were different activities that they could compete in, but the one that they were doing was the 10 meter slow walk. The winner was Sam, Terry got disqualified by going to sleep in mid race. After we had finished practicing then we performed it to the whole class. My teacher Miss Riley thought it was funny and really good!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Who Am I?

 Everyone asks for me but yet everyone hates to face me ,for someone I am agony for others I am relief! Who am I? I will give you a hint or a clue. It's something that's always the right thing but never ever bad.

Guess The Animal

Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog. Today I have a quiz for you to answer in the comment section bellow. I will give you a little hint it is not a baby kangaroo, and it starts with an t and ends with an a. When you have your answer write it down bellow.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Procedural Writing

Kia Ora, and welcome to my procedural on how to write a procedural.

First you need to start with one step at a time. You need to be specific and say interesting words in your procedural. Before all of that though you, have to start with a greeting like how I started at the beginning. Then write what you are going to do your procedural about. Remember be specific about what you say in your sentences.

Secondly write about your subject or what your procedural is going to be about. Make sure if you have one idea then one paragraph, if you have another idea then another new paragraph. Also make sure that you don’t just write one sentence. Like I said before add some specific words and also add detail.

Thirdly or  lastly  write a conclusion, write  what was at the beginning but not to much. Also write what you think it’s good for, or something maybe in common. Then you are done. Thank you for reading my procedural.

St Kent's Day and Musika's Birthday

In term two, or last term a group of students and   some teachers had the opportunity to go to St Kent's college by bus. That particular day I came to school late. Luckily by the time I arrived at school that's when another teacher Mr. Meyer came in or arrived as well. Mr. Meyer was so kind and decided to drop me off, and he could come to as well to just watch. When we arrived we were quite lost, because we didn't know where to go, or where the rest of the group of the students were. We finally found them at the end,and everyone was split up into three or four groups. I asked my teacher which group I was in, and she put me in a group. We moved about two or three times, then at the end we sang happy birthday to Musika, because that day it was his 10th birthday.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Describing My Flag

Kia Ora and today I am going to describe my flag that I have created in google draw. The colors that I chose were yellow, white, blue and red. I chose these specific colors because I added different colors from different kind of flags. The blue is from the New Zealand flag because most of the New Zealand flag is blue. I chose red because it represents the blood of Jesus, and I am a Christian. Lastly I added yellow and white to make it pop and stand out.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Skip Off Champion

Kia Orana and today I will be talking about the skip off and the display. Last term we had the skipping display. Rooms 9,10 and 12 had to create a presentation to do with skipping. One thing that we did was double dutch as you can see here. We did tricks and we had to practice a lot. On that day we only watched the junior skip off, but sadly we could not do the senior skip off because it was raining. So we had to come back inside. Luckily the next day the first thing in the morning we did  is the skip off, and guess who won? My friend Limiteti, she is the champion. Also she did not come third, not second but first. I came fourth but  at least I tried my best that morning. Then lastly Limiteti our skip off winner got to get her photo taken to go on the wall near the office. It was the best skipping day ever!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Holidays

Kia Ora, and today I am writing a recount about my term two holidays. I will be focusing on past tense while I am writing. I will explain what I did in my holiday.

One thing or activity that I did was go on my tablet and play some games. Some  of the games that I played was Temple run, don’t tap the white tiles and cookie jam. I also watched some videos as well and just listened to some music. It was very relaxing and fun to just sit down, and play games and watch videos.

Another activity that I did was watching movies on Netflix. One movie that I watched was Jack And The Giant Slayer. The movie was about a boy named Jack, and a princess named Isabell or Isabella. They met each other when they were in a bar or some sort and Jack defended her. Men and people were pushing her over and to Jack that was not very nice.

In conclusion, now you know about my holiday and what I did in the holiday.

Friday, 14 July 2017


Today I am going to interview my brother Pupuke. My brother enjoys swimming, he also likes to go biking on his bike. Another thing is to skip and keep on skipping  and bird watching. Also climb trees because the wind and the breeze he says.

My Flag

                                         This is my flag that I made on google draw.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Three Facts About New Zealand

One fact that I learnt about New Zealand is that New Zealand has four million people living in NZ  right now.

Another fact that I learnt was that we have a lot of sheep, we have more sheep than people in New Zealand.

Lastly, or the last fact that I learnt was that NZ exports a whole load of milk from the cows.

What I've learnt

Image result for Samoa tonga In term 2 I've learned lots about Tonga and Samoa culture. We also have created a presentation that we made with our posters and our tapas that we made back in term two. That was a very long process, because first we had to sort the pieces of paper and other decorations.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Tan Grams

Last Term I created a Tan Gram. I had to use the shapes to create an airplane. If you don't know what a Tan gram is it's sort of like a puzzle. You should try one yourself, also try and get someone to help you because it is really hard.

Pest Poster About Fleas!

Kia Ora, and welcome back to my blog. Last term  room nine did a pest poster. We had to draw a picture of a pest that we know. We also had to write five different facts about that pest. We had to make it look pretty because my teacher Miss Riley had to pick one of the best ones to go to Te Oro. This is my poster that I have created.Lastly before my work went to Te Oro room nine and I went to go show room 11 and  12 what we did.  My Poster got picked to go to Te Oro! 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Keyboard Shortcuts

We have been learning how to do keyboard shortcuts to help nus do our work faster. This is one of them.

Monday, 5 June 2017

My Learning At School

Jun 6, 2017 11:20:50 AM.jpgKia Orana, my name is Kotipi.  I am nine years old of age.  I attend Ruapotaka School in Glen Innes. I am a Cook Islander and also I am Tongan.  I have seven people in my family, two sisters, two brothers, my mum, my dad and I.

My goals for this year are to try my best in every sport and try to participate in every tournament. I also want to be better at adding money in mathematics. I love listening to music, I love reading, also learning new things. I am good at writing  different types.

My teacher inspires me to do things even if you don’t want to, but you have to. My teacher did not want to make a video but guess what, yes she did it. So she is the best teacher I’ve met this year. She is really pretty but she doesn't think so. My teacher is very cool.