Friday, 8 September 2017

Facts About Reading!


Learning information and you can retell also it helps you.
The emotion when you are reading, the thought that you have escaped.

Talofa Lava, and welcome to my report about reading. I will be telling you information about knowledge when you read, what types of books you can read, what you learn when you read and your change thought of mind.

When you read you contain knowledge to go into your brain and stay there. You use that knowledge to go and teach anyone that you know. There are three ways to earn knowledge, and that is from someone, books and from the internet. Most people get knowledge from the internet and that is totally fine.

There are many types of books you can read. One of the most famous books that I know are by J.K Rowling and her harry potter books. You can also read books by Percy Jackson and other fancy books. You can even make a collection of your favorite books if you want to as well.

When you are reading you learn information, to help you in your life. You can also retell, so when you get to school you already know how to do it. Then you’ll be like two levels higher than everybody else. So remember to read so you can learn, learn to read and read to learn most importantly.

Remember to read everyday to develop your skills and learning.

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