Monday, 7 August 2017

The Time I Became An Author!

Last week on a Friday, Wednesday or Thursday room nine went to the library because my teacher Miss Riley had some release time for herself. We had to take our library book to the library book to change it or return it. Once we had got our library books we went to room four. Everyone else was there, but I was one of the last people to get out of the library. When I arrived my class and room ten were just playing games so I joined in as well. Mrs. Vickers my principal, soon told us to pack up the games and sit nicely on the mat. Mrs. Vickers said for me to stand up because I was going to be an author! Mrs. Vickers said that there is a permission slip that my parents need to sign. My piece of writing was about my holidays at the beginning of this year. This is it right here.

Hi and welcome to my recount about my holiday. I will be telling you one thing that made me smile, two things that I felt and lastly what I smelt. I am going to talk about the first week of the holidays on Sunday. Also where I went.

So firstly my uncle and my auntie said that we had to get up and get ready. They said that because we were going to a restaurant, a chinese restaurant. So when we were ready we went by transport which was a car. When we arrived we found a table and ordered what we wanted. I chose a kid lunch special. We went to a restaurant called Daikoku. We had to wait for our food but it was worth it.

Once the waiter was done with our food we ate and ate and ate. For the first course we got  delicious soup and some rice while we were waiting ,for dessert we had delicious ice cream. We also had prawns that were in yum yum sauce, it was yummy. That’s what made me smile, the food that we ate. When I saw what we were going to have my mouth was already watering. Luckily we ate because my stomach was growling.

What I smelt was mostly food because we were at a restaurant, so that was the main thing that  I smelt when I was there. I also smelt the burning fire and smoke when I first walked in. At first I blocked my nose but then I got use to it, so I stopped.

The two things that I felt was the heat of the fire lightly go on my cheek, and also the warmness on my whole face and hands. I also felt just a little bit hot because I had my jacket on so yeah. The second thing that I felt was the texture of the food and how soft it was. Also, when it was in my mouth I could taste and feel the hotness and the warmness. It was really hot sort of!

My conclusion - At the end of the day we just relaxed and watched t.v., also we had a very sore stomach, the next day. So we had a good day but then we all had a sore stomach so then it ended. From Kotipi

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  1. Congratulations Kotipi, we are very proud of you. I wonder what you will write next?
    Mrs Raj